Social Security card in the shadows.
11 mins

What can someone do with a stolen Social Security number?

And what to do if you think yours has been compromised.
alt="Is DuckDuckGo Safe in 2024?"
8 mins

Is DuckDuckGo safe?

Find out if we recommend using DuckDuckGo for web searches.
How to change your Google Play Store country with a VPN
6 mins

How to use a VPN to change your Google Play country

Your Google Play account affects what you see on the Play Store. Here’s how to change your account country.
Tech Friend looks at how to block YouTube Shorts.
6 mins

Tech Friend: How can I block YouTube Shorts on my kids’...

Just like TikTok videos, Shorts are addictive and provocative—while usually not offering much by way of useful information.
12 mins

DNS vs. VPN vs. Smart DNS: What’s the difference?

A VPN does everything Smart DNS can do and much more. So are there cases where you’d want to use Smart DNS instead?
17 mins

10 scams you should know about in 2024

“Hello, this is the IRS…”


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