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Who is ExpressVPN?

The internet was originally conceived as open, free, and not controlled by any single company or group—full of unlimited possibilities right at your fingertips. In its best moments, the online world still exemplifies that spirit, but more often than not it seems that we’ve ceded our freedom online to others. Corporations, governments, and hackers are now able to monitor, manipulate, and restrict in once-unimaginable ways. That feeling of individual control and empowerment—it’s something we’ve lost along the way.

ExpressVPN wants to enable you to take back that control and experience an internet that is free and open, where individuals are protected and have the power to shape their own online experience. We work every day to ensure that protecting your privacy and security is easy and accessible, no matter your level of technical expertise. As every aspect of our lives becomes increasingly digital, we believe that protecting online rights and freedoms for all has never been more essential. 

Today, ExpressVPN enables millions in over 180 countries to access the free and open internet—and to do so privately and securely.

Fast facts

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  • Founded in 2009 by two close friends and technology entrepreneurs, Peter Burchhardt and Dan Pomerantz

  • Used by 4+ million active subscribers in over 180 countries

  • Operates a secure network of VPN servers in 105 countries

  • Apps for all major platforms available in 17 languages and counting

  • Offers a full suite of tools in one subscription and app, incorporating a VPN, a password manager, an ad blocker, and more

  • Team members located in over 20 cities around the world

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Our history


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ExpressVPN was born


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ExpressVPN works with Front Line Defenders

Worked with Front Line Defenders to provide complimentary ExpressVPN accounts to their community


ExpressVPN partners with HP

ExpressVPN comes preinstalled on new HP laptops

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Our team

Help shape the future of the internet with us! We’re hiring in all departments for a wide range of roles. Our globally distributed team works in cities including Toronto, Poznań, Lisbon, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Manila, and Tokyo.

If you think you have something to offer, we want to hear from you. Learn more on our careers page.

Life at ExpressVPN