What is ExpressVPN’s Smart Location and when should you use it?

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ExpressVPN’s handy Smart Location feature is a tool built right into the app that will always pick the best VPN location for you.

Smart Location uses a clever algorithm (cooked up by our delightful dev team) to rank VPN locations using metrics such as download speed, latency, and distance.

If you want to connect quickly, and lightning speed is your top priority, using Smart Location will eliminate the guesswork and ensure you get exactly the experience you’re looking for.

When should I use Smart Location?

The best thing about Smart Location is that it just works.

It doesn’t matter where you are: Smart Location will deliver the fastest and most reliable VPN location for you.

Lots of factors come into play when trying to pick the ideal VPN location for your situation, and it’s not just about where you are situated. For instance, a user on AT&T in New York may not have the same connection requirements as another New York user who happens to be on Verizon.

Rather than scrolling through all of ExpressVPN’s locations looking for your best connection, why not let Smart Location do it for you?

There’s no need to think about it. Just let the app do the heavy lifting, sit back, and enjoy a secure internet with the best possible speed.

What’s more, using Smart Location is simple.

How do I use Smart Location?

To connect using Smart Location on the Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS apps, simply click or tap on the VPN ON button.

Screenshot of ExpressVPN's Smart Location button.

That’s it. Just click the big button, and you’re all set!

Smart Location was built specifically for those who don’t require any server in particular and just want the best connection—every time.

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